I just flew back from our Seattle trip. My first day back to work was a hectic one, besides checking emails and doing orders, we are preparing for Interbike which is exactly two weeks away. We have alot of new prototype product and some product that will be available within weeks.......I'll keep you waiting in suspense......
There are, what seems to be, two brown recluse spiders laying eggs in my kitchen. As soon as I finish this update, the little guys are getting the boot. Literally. We can't have those things hanging out in the house. Google "brown recluse spider bite" and you'll see what I mean.
So Seattle is quite a beautiful city. In your peripheral vision, Mt. Ranier is always lurking in the distance. Snow capped, it's a monster of a mountain that rises pretty high above the clouds. And at dusk, it's a sight you wouldn't expect to see in the US. But there it is, way up in the NW corner of our statelyhood (I'm not sure if that's a word?).
The first couple days I will admit that we were squandering for street spots. One of the highlights was Darren Read taking us to a pizza shop where Dolecki, Walter, and I spent $30 on a pizza unknowingly. Dolecki tried to fight it but the dude resisted. Tony ended up going back in to claim a bucketful (literally) of cheese that the guy charged us for but didn't put on our pie. That night started Tony and Ty's agreement that they wouldn't spend any money on food. So for most of the rest of the trip, the two of them plucked Washington apples (from an abandoned organic tree farm), pears, and pounds of blackberries from the surrounding environ. They even got lucky on two separate occasions when they found 3 whole pizzas, garlic sticks, and bavarian cream donuts in dumpsters.
Ty brought only worn clothes on the trip. He stunk, really, really bad. At one point at the very end, he farted, mixing it with his bodily odor and subsequently made Wobbly puke in the van. Ty is a vile man, but He's one of my favorite persons in the world.
We rode alot, and a ton of amazing stuff went down but I'll save that for a later issue of Ride UK and Props (thanks to Walter and Dolecki for that).
Other highlights were:
-Riding a barn in the middle of nowhere with Dan Montgomery until 2AM. I was told a story about a local who was riding there one day not knowing that outside the rain was so heavy that it rose water about 4ft. Due to the flooding, he was stuck in the barn for three days where he finally had to take a canoe up to the corner store to get food.
-I used the bathroom at the trails after Ty told me how easy it was. When the pants came down a yellow jacket decided to sting me five times on my left butt cheek. I was numb in that area for the rest of the day.
-All of us fell really hard at one point or another during the trip. Cico, Aaron, and Wobbly taking the brunt of the pain. Cico did a kinked rail and ran head first (actually thigh first) into an upright support to a fence. Bostrom got his axle nub stuck on the same rail, fell and his head hit the ground so hard that it shook under our feet (somehow he got up laughing), and Wobbly got ejected off a huge 10 flat 15 kinker straight to his palms.
-And Dolecki somehow fell in Portland when his shorts got caught on his seat while riding up a hill (This one actually scared me the most). Luckily he was fine and laughed it off.
-Mark (at an all you can eat vegan restaraunt) admitted that "eating good food makes my butt go nuts." He then continued his diet of the many variations of Pizza with bottles and bottles of Pepsi.
-We got kicked out of a Public park by a cop after he hung out and then noticed that the sign said "no bikes." Just our luck. So we went to another park in Woodinville where Pro razor skooting is a reality. I'm not joking-flares out of quarters, really high tailwhip airs, one kid even pulled a front flip tailwhip. Of course the pro skooter's were arrogant. Why shouldn't they be?   
-Thanks to Chris Martindale and Dan Montgomery, we rode some amazing street in Everett, Washington. I can't tell you where it is, but the best wallride I've ever ridden is there. We also got to ride Garfield which is an amazing spot covering about a block of land. No need to leave this spot, ever!
Thanks to everyone who helped out: Martindale, Montgomery, Beeler Van Orman, Shad Johnson, Portland Vince, Eddie Cleveland, Chester Blacksmith, Walter and Dolecki, Props and Ride UK, and Jim Alley for fronting the cash!
In other news:
-Dave McDermott got chased by a shark while surfing over the weekend on the east coast of Florida. Seriously.
-Florida had it's worst earthquake in over thirty years (in the gulf of mexico), a 6.0 that actually shook my lady friends bed for about thirty seconds.
-The Madera front hubs are done! Prepare for smoothness!
Until next week, adios......Matt Coplon

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