-Ty is leaving for Hawaii on November 5th. He's going out there to hang out for two months, live in a tent on a campsite, eat off the land, and film. His summer of painting in Pittsburgh is over as the cold weathers of El Nino are rolling in. Ty just finished the Profile Props commercial featuring some trail lines of Mulville. Deadline is on Monday, The Props should be out soon after.
-Baco is next weekend. Prepare for amazing riding and halloween debauchery in downtown Orlando. If you can make it, you won't be dissapointed.
-The Skatepark of Tampa contest is in three weekends. McDermott wants to hold a rail challenge, that is, on top of the 4th annual milk chug challenge. Will Zack Best from Pittsburgh come down to reclaim his title?
Chad Moore might already have the rail prize in his pocket--last night he learned tooth-bonk up the main skatepark rail to 180. Pretty wild stuff. We filmed some clips today on a very slight bank to jersey barrier. Within 15 minutes Chad had cancelled the thing with some wild moves. I'm sure he'll post them on some upcoming Profile website video. When we were done he went to scalp tickets to the Jenny Lewis (Rilo Kiley Vocalist) show.
-Conall Keenan quite wearing deodorant in hopes to claim "alpha male" status in the Tampa Bmx scene.
-The Dew Tour was last weekend. I didn't go but heard it was a wild scene. Broken teeth, concussions, no handed backflip 360's, Anthony Napolitan got first in dirt and from what I heard, a cash prize of $90,000. That's more than my house is worth--made in one weekend? Congrats to Anthony!

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