September 21st, Friday.
-So it's Thursday night again. I'm writing the news at home as usual but it's not raining, It's actually beautiful outside as a cold front just came through. And I'm not eating pasta because I can barely open my mouth to get it in there, and even if I could, I couldn't chew it. Last night, on a routine mission up a handrail, my front peg missed and my face slapped chin first onto the rail. Blood and teeth ended up all over the floor, and off to the emergency room I went. Right now, I've got stitches in my chin, six broken teeth, an over bite that wasn't there 24 hours ago, and a possible fractured TMJ joint on my jaw (if the dentist is correct). Luckily the pain is no more than head ache-like, but my fear is visiting the oral surgeon tomorrow for a closer exam. Great news, right?
-I made my rounds on the phone tonight and spoke with the boys:
Wobbly is on his way to Key West for a little R and R while his hand recuperates. He cleaned it out about a week after the rail accident in Seattle only to find an infection running rampant in his palm. It was caused by a bb sized pebble having loged itself under some skin. Luckily, he found it in time.
He has also shaved his dreads off.
-Ty was waiting for Brian Yeagle in Pittsburgh to go ride some street. He's doing the new Profile commercial for Props in the next two weeks.
-Bostrom is getting ready to drive out and meet us at Interbike with his lady friend Michelle.
-Mark is leaving Pittsburgh in two weeks in time to make it to Baco. His new shirt is available, It's definately my new favorite.
-Conall 180'd a 13ft wedge to wedge last night.
-Chad is on his way to intersect a stalking situation due to Online relationships gone bad. He's not involved, he's just the intermediary. This is a good example of Chad's every day living-Mysterious.
-Lucas Porzio blew out his ACL. He said give him another week and he'll be back on his bike once the swelling goes down. Anyone have a doctor to recommend to him. I'm worried for him.
-A new Madera stem is in the works. We have already changed the prototype from the original but it is pretty light and the design is quite nice and innovative. No pics, sorry. But....
-The new Madera front extra low flange hub is available after months of testing. It is 8 ounces even and runs incredibly smooth. Plus the spoke holes are inset to reduce spoke trauma from grinds. And above all, it has a really simple, innovative internal design.
-The new BMX Plus came in, check out Dave Jacobs bike give away. Dave is a muti-tasker. He's on the shred, full time work, full time clothing line. Pretty impressive.
Also hidden in the pages is a pic of our buddy Ryan Herbach doing a pretty stretched no-footed can can. We're actually meeting him in Vegas next week for a little debauchery and Bmx, and those vegan donuts from Vegas' China town.
-Madera and The Take's Mike Hinkins has had some run ins with the law lately. I'm not in a position to tell his story but make sure and ask him if you see him. I promise, It's worth the story.
-I'll have more news after Interbike. Have a good one.
Matt Coplon

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