News Update, Thursday, August 31st
-I didn't think we had much news this week, but then I thought about it.......Sike!
-When you flip open the new Ride US, check out the table of contents page to a full shot of Mulville doing a tuck no-handed fakie at Mesh. Mark looks scared in the picture. From what, I don't know. I sent him a can of his favorite cola last week-Mountain Holler-and it exploded in route all over his new parts. I'm lucky his new shirt design wasn't in there, because to ruin that would be a tragedy. I can't show you the design, but I'll tell you it's my favorite shirt design yet. You might agree.
-Phil Aller's capsule shot showed up on the cover of Ride UK this month. Phil also looks scared in this pic, maybe due to the fact that if the centrifugal force wasn't holding him in place, his body would be broken in half from a hefty fall. Phil's a bad ass dude on a bike, even while wearing board shorts.
-If this has any association to the above paragraph, I have a psychedelic furs song stuck in my head. "Love my way, it's a new road." Nope, no association.
-Chad Moore's maiden commercial for the site will be on our hands by mid day. Hopefully, when you read this, you can look to your left and see the video playing. We'll see? Speaking of Maiden, the new Iron Maiden came out the 28th. It's not bad, Eddie the beast is riding a tank on the cover. A little too melodic for my tastes but it's anti-war. Nice.
-We have a plethora of stuff launching out of our machines this week. Upcoming stuff available very soon will be:
*clear coated race cranks (with the welding burns visible)
*flatland cranks to adapt to Imperial sprockets in size 18t, 20t, and 22t. These cranks will be warrantied as well. We will also make 9t unsealed drivers adaptable to Nankai hubs as well as limited 8t drivers for Profile hubs
*four new shirt designs
-I'm testing that 8t driver now to make sure the bearings last. We are not making many of these, I'll keep you posted when they will be available.
While testing that driver, I went out riding street yesterday where, in the middle of a line, my pedal got stuck under a bench during a high speed manual. My bike stopped dead in place, where I flipped over the bars and slid Pete Rose style down the bench. I thought I broke a bone, layed there for a couple minutes and listened to some kids laugh at me. I got up and lucky for me it was just a bad charlie horse.
-Another bit of news I somehow forgot from last Tuesday was that while riding street at the local zoo's parking lot, I heard 4 gun shots. In a panic, I rode pretty quickly out of there never to figure out what happened until the news came on the following day. A tiger had gotten loose inside the park (due to it's cage being left open), tranquilizers failed to sedate it so the head guy at the park had to shoot it dead. A sad story caused by human error. But what a story it would have been if I had gotten mauled by a tiger while riding? I can't believe I heard a tiger get shot?
-We leave Tuesday for Seattle. 7 days of crossing our fingers in hopes that rain won't put a damper on things. Wobbly flies in from England Friday, we'll meet Bostrom, Tony Cardona, Cico, Mulville, Ty, and Dolecki out there. I'm pretty excited.
-Today at 6pm, there is a meeting for the New Tampa public skatepark at the New Tampa recreation center. If you get this in time, please come out to support us getting a say in the project. Bmx'ers are last on the food chain! Let's make a change.
I'll give you an update from Seattle......

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