News Update, Wednesday, November 8th.
-The Skatepark of Tampa comp. was this past Saturday. As usual, It was a wild time with Sean Albright as organizer and announcer--his whiticism is worth the whole experience as he cheers every rider on while insulting every possible thing about them (in good humor of course).
Two websites to check for results, banter and footage of the comp. are:
-The milk Chug challenge went down as usual and this year, 3 time champion from Pittsburgh, Zack Best, got a run for his money though still took the title. The place smelled of sour milk and regurgitated hot dogs. Vile indeed, but for traditions sake, necessary.
-Chad Moore made us proud with, I think, the first recorded up-rail to 180 downside whip. Twenty tries, the twentieth being right on the money. There's a still photo below as GOB took my camera and actually shot the one he pulled. Notice Degroot's mustache in the back ground.
Chad also did the largest gap to ice-pick grind I have ever seen. His first attempt went terribly wrong, clearing the whole pyramid and six stairs to flat, and essentially almost dying as his peg was inches from being caught on the upright.
Pro final results are as follows:
1.Jimmy Hale
2.Dave Mahoney
3.Mitch Dunaway
4.Chad Moore
Thanks again to Sean Albright for always putting alot of time and effort into this, and the Skatepark of Tampa for always supporting BMX!
Thanks also to the sponsors: Albe's, Empire, Duffs, Etnies, Zoo York, Shadow Conspiracy, Mesh Skatepark, and Bike Pros!
-Last week we bumped Tony Cardona to the A-team! Congrats to Tony, we are really proud of him as a person and as a little dude on a bmx bike. Look out for him and his beard this year as he goes big, goes really fast, and is unbearably smooth!
-Our new 8t chromeoly drivers will be available at the beginning of next week. You can get them individually or on a hub. Check your local bike shop or call Albe's, Staff, or Empire mailorders. They'll have them shortly!
Until next week,

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