-Had some plans to ride street today. Nope. It's raining, as usual. So I decided to eat pasta and do the news. It's a party. Yaaaaaa. The good news is that, as you probably noticed, the website is finally up. There are some links missing and some other odds and ends that need to be corrected. But, we are on our way to updating it regularly. Amen.
-The new Ride UK is loose in it's respective territories overseas. There's a rumor that Profile Europe's Phil Aller got the cover shot. If it is true, that guy deserves it because when you're a nice dude and you shred, nice things should happen to you in return. Phil also got third at a Braun mini ramp jam recently and here is the link to a pretty gnarly fufanu on a barrier wire www.brauncruzertour.com/2006/videos.htm#  There were glass tanks filled with parahna on the flat bottom in prelims, but Wobbly fished them out with a cast net so Phil could do this.
-In other magazine cover news, good ol' Mike Saavedra tagged his fourth magazine cover this year. This time, Soul Magazine out of France took the shot. Mike also has an Interview on Mark Losey's new website called www.vitalbmx.com
Ol' Saavedra will soon be host to a brand new bike set up chock full of aqua Profile parts. That is as soon as I stop being lazy and send it to him. That aqua is hot and it's growing on me.
-Chad, Conall, and McDermott got back from their 10 day roadtrip last Sunday. Chad ended up breaking his finger, Conall had a dance with death tire riding a kinked rail, and Dave came back salted b/c he starts school Monday. I don't blame him. It's good to have them back in Tampa so someone else can suffer with me-the heat and the daily routine of being consistently trampled by rain and humidity. Good fun, really.
-Mulville honored me with his usual prank call today. I can't remember what we talked about but I laughed pretty much the whole time. In associated news, I was cleaning my closet this afternoon and I pulled out a pair of what I thought were midget jeans. I gave them a test sniff and realized that their smell resembled an old musty hat, specefically Mulville's old musty hat.
I'm sending them to Mark tomorrow via UPS.
-Hollywood is alive. He is doing freelance electrical work and riding his mini ramp by himself on a regular basis. Not many people know of Hollywood's ability to do every lip trick thought of from 1990 to 2006. That dude is real good, seriously. Below is a recent shot from Chenga II. I wouldn't be surprised if no one else was at the park that day.
-We got the prototypes of our flatland cranks done. They will accept sprockets going down to size 18t which are in the works as well. Aftermarket 9t unsealed drivers are next on the list.
-Luis Pinzon took his medical boards recently. We wish him the best of luck. Right now he is doing clinicals at the veterans hospital across the street from Profile. After work, he'll show up to ride in a shirt and tie then proceed to ride hard enough to either pull some amazing stuff or come close to serious, lasting bodily harm. I should have a video update soon.
-The Source, a bike shop out of England, just placed a special order for a mass amount of brown anaodized parts. We didn't expect the color to be as dark as it turned out, regardless, it looks pretty good. We don't know if we're going to offer it in the states, but you can help us decide: email me at matt@profileracing.com at let me know.

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