International BMX Dirt Jump Competition
May 11th, 2008

Cam White takes over Guadalajara in Red Bull Elevation

More than ten thousand people witnessed the most incredible bike event in the globe. A course of 150 meters which began construction on April 18th was the setting for Red Bull Elevation’s big final.

The riders started to practice in front of the spectators that filled the Parque Metropolitano in Guadalajara, Mexico since the morning. After 1 pm everything was ready for the beginning of the best international BMX Dirt Jump Competition. The participants crossed the track five times, and they had approximately six opportunities each time to demonstrate the most challenging tricks. The judges (Tim ‘Fuzzy’ Hall, Matt Beringer, John Povah, Nuno Oliveira and Ryan Barret) counted the best four runs in order to evaluate their performance; the judging criteria were fluency, style and technique.

For more than an hour and a half, different variations of tricks (like barspins, flips and 720ºs) raised the spirit of the Mexican crowd, which according to Mike Clark is the best one in front of which they have performed.

With a taste of agave and the sound of the Mariachis, the award ceremony took place around 4:00 pm. A podium surrounded by fans received Red Bull athlete Corey Bohan (Australia) as third place, Ryan Nyquist (USA) as second and the Australian Cameron White as the indisputable winner of first place.

Corey Bohan said that he felt satisfied with his third place and added: “White and Nyquist deserve the place they got on the podium and I am really happy to share it with them”.

And to fulfill the spectators desire, at the end of the contest runs the ‘Best Trick’ competition began, in which seven of the Red Bull Elevation contestants challenged again the jumps to perform the most impressive tricks. Ryan Nyquist was the winner, performing a perfect Powerball (Double barspin cannonball) and receiving a $4,000 USD prize.

Final scores and prizes: 1st place: Cameron White, Australia ($10,000 USD)
2nd place : Ryan Nyquist, USA ($6,000 USD)
3rd place: Corey Bohan, Australia ($4,000 USD)
4th place: TJ Ellis, USA ($3,500 USD)
5th place: Chris Doyle, USA ($2,500 USD)
6th place: Mike Clark*, USA ($1,500 USD)
7th place: Rob Darden, USA ($1,000 USD)
8th place: James Foster, USA ($500 USD)
9th place: Dennis Enarson, USA ($500 USD)
10th place: Anthony Napolitan, USA ($500 USD)
11th place: Dane Searls
12th place: Brian Foster

* Mike Clark replaced Gary Young due to injury

‘Best Trick” prize: Ryan Nyquist ($1,000 USD)

* The 10% of each prize will be donated to the Steven Murray Foundation.

About Red Bull Elevation

After three years of success in Whistler, Canada, Red Bull Elevation arrived to Mexico. The city of Guadalajara was host of this impressive event that took place on May 9th – 11th.

Red Bull Elevation appeared in the BMX Dirt Jump scene in 2005 revolutionizing this sport, not only because it gathers the best athletes of the world, but because it has a course that had never been seen before (designed by the BMX icon Jay Miron).
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