As you may know Simpel Session - one of Europes biggest BMX contests - is going down this weekend in Tallinn Estonia and we have some some dope news for the web geeks and whoever unlucky person who cannot attend Simpel Session contest in person this year.

We're excited to announce that the whole event will be video-broadcasted LIVE in internet- the stream link will be in our website on saturday morning - or

This year it's gonna be with full festival sound and graphics (judges scores, names, real time high air contest altitudes, slow motions and so forth - the full deal as a top notch tv broadcast) and as last time it's with great quality! We have 8 cameras and two of them on cranes filming all weekend so everything will be covered. The broadcast will be on air saturday and sunday 13th-14th January from 12:00 until 20:00. This is in Estonian time/GMT!
Check your clock here - and tune in! And you can check everything that's going on in Simpel Session LIVE around the globe.

What Corey is gonna pull that you haven't heared of? How high Chase or Baz will go? Will Mirra flip fakie the huge quarter? Is Osato gonna use the sick vert extension or pull something else in the bar? Is Sergio gonna jump the death gap? Who drinks the most cans of Red Bull and goes mental? All gimmicks put aside - you live in New Zealand or wherever but are eager to be the first to know? Just tune in. How excited is that?

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Check it all up from

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