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  • Alliance BMX

    4/8/2008 6:29 PM


    Action Park Alliance just completed the first annual “Southwest BMX Am” competition in Glendale Arizona!
    The contest went very well with an array of local riders from beginner to advanced destroying the park.

    It was very nice to see the support that the riders and local shops gave each other.

    It is not very often that you can successfully get everyone together and have a great time.

    With the success of the event we will be scheduling a full summer series with the championships in the early fall.

    So get ready for The Alliance, as the best is yet to come!

    Special thanks to our local shops that helped out.

    Kim at Gordy’s bicycles, Surprise bikes, Luke at American Made Ride shop, Ryan at Kore Bike shop.

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    Special thanks to our product sponsors

    Fit Bikes - S&M Bikes - Primo – Redline – Osiris Shoes

    Click to check out the Video and results from the contest!