Ten Pack Distribution Presents the 09 Re-session Tour.

This summer we’re getting together with a bunch of Ten Pack companies to hit our best shops and ride some amazing spots across Canada. Animal, MacNeil, Kink, Demolition, Federal, Verde and We The People are all in on it. It’s not going to be anything too formal. We’ll just meet up at the local shop and ride the local park or street spots. We’re super psyched for it all to happen. It’s going to be a really fun time. It’s all still coming together. So check out tenpackbmx.com for more details. The blog should be up in about a week.
June 6th- Animal Street Jam in Toronto with Hogtown Bikes.

Riders- Animal Team, we don’t know exactly who. Ralph just said he’s coming up with a van full of riders. And if enough guys want to come, he’ll bring two vans.
There’s going to be an ICC style jam that will take place at various street spots throughout the city. The meeting spot will remain secret for now. It’ll be announced on the Ten Pack site the day before the Jam.
June 6th to June 13th MacNeil Bikes Tour

Riders- Alistair Whitton, Travis Sexsmith, Chris Martindale, Jaumell Campbell, Harrison Boyce, Jay Miron, Chris Silva and Some 18 year old American guy.
June 6th Animal Street Jam- Hogtown
June 10th Montreal Street Jam- Element 51
June 13th Ottawa park Jam- Joe Mamas
            We have something special planned with Joe Mamas in Ottawa. We’re going to be throwing a birthday party for one lucky American rider who’s 18th birthday happens to fall in the week leading up to the Jam. Why 18? Because you’re a man now son, and for some reason your country won’t let you drink yet. Did we mention that Ottawa is located on the Quebec border where the drinking age is 18? So if you’re an American rider and your birthday lands on or between June 7th and 12th, you’re eligible to win an all expenses paid trip to the Ottawa Jam to chill and ride with the MacNeil Team. Go to the macneilbmx.com for details.
July 4th to July 12th Kink Bikes Prairie Tour

Riders- Chris Doyle, Sean Sexton, Darryl Tocco, Jay Rowe, James Steele, Karl Engstrom
We’re going to be hitting each of the shops listed below and riding as many spots in each town as we can. Doyle even said he’s raising his seat post to throw a few double trucks. Don’t forget your sunglasses.
July 4th-5th, Winnipeg Jam- Royal Sports Shop
July 6th- 7th, Regina- Block’s Saw & Cycle
July 8th- 9th Saskatoon- Spoke & Sport
July 10th-11th, Prince Albert- Gene’s Cycle & Sports
August 1st-2nd, Demolition Street Jam in Calgary with Mission BMX.

Riders- Rob Wise, Andy Roode
Ken Dowdle from Mission BMX is helping organize a great weekend of riding and partying for anyone who wants to come out. At least one more rider will be added to the list. Keep an eye on the Ten Pack site for details and for the meeting spot. It will be announced the day before the Jam.
August 8th-9th The Federal Bikes Inferno Jam in the BC Interior

August 8th- Federal Inferno Jam Penticton
August 9th- Kelowna Jam with Cycle Path Kelowna
Riders- Dan Lacey, Mark Love, Max Vincent.
The Inferno Jam has been going on for five years now and keeps getting bigger each time. For year six Federal Bikes is sending in some of their finest shredders to ride and chill in the BC interior.
Aug. 22nd-23rd  Verde Island Trails Jam

Riders- Ryan Berrette, Brian Yeagle, Matt Beyers
Matt Beyers along with the Vancouver Island trails crew have already started working on the trails to make sure they’re in perfect condition come Jam time. Keep an eye on the Ten Pack blog for information and directions.
Aug 29th - 30th  The We the People / 3 Ride Park Jam at Kirkstone in Vancouver

Riders- Tobias Wicke, Sam Lowe
We the People are sending some of their top guys to shred Kirkstone park. Brad from 3Ride will be helping put it all together and I think he has a pretty big party planned. So you know it’ll be good. One more rider will be added. Keep an eye on the Ten Pack site for details.
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