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Any modifications? 

Cut down my bars and seatpost and trimmed my axle on my non-peg side. Also did a terrible job at stripping the paint off my cranks.

How long have you been on this frame?

I've been riding this frame for about eight months now. 

Do you plan on keeping this setup for a while longer? 

I'll probably build up a new bike up for the first of next year. Pretty much the exact same setup. 

Do the brakes ever come off? 

I grew up riding brakeless for years, but now I can actually get my brakes to work, so I keep them on. When I build up my new bike, I might keep them off for a bit. 

I noticed some unfamiliar pedals. What’s up with those? 

I've ridden plastic pedals for years now. After I rode metal pedals on my MTB, I didn't enjoy the lack of grip with my plastic pedals. I've just be swapping the same pair of pedals back and forth from my BMX to my MTB. 

Did you change your BMX setup at all (in addition to the pedals) once you started spending more time on your MTB? 

I started to run my bars a little bit wider on my BMX. It made jumping back to my BMX a little easier after riding my MTB. You really notice how nimble a BMX bike is after riding a MTB. 

Any new signature products in the works?

Possibly a set of signature ODI grips. Other then that, nothing else in the works. 

Any sponsorship news heading into the new year? 

I'll be riding for everyone that I rode for last year with the addition of one new one so far. Looking forward to announcing my partnership with that new brand. 

What’s next for you? 

For the rest of the year, I'm just going to be riding finally. I traveled a lot more this year - riding two different bikes - which cuts down a lot on the actual time I get to ride. With only one more quick trip this year, I'll finally be able to get my fix with riding.


Credit: Vital BMX
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