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Keith, I think - Local Exposure Tour-SoCal Stops - BMX Pictures - Vital BMX

There were so many rad riders at these skateparks that it's impossible to keep all of there names straight. Hit me up if you know this guy.

Credit: Losey
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Local Exposure Tour-SoCal Stops

  • Dennis Enarson invert
  • Dennis Enarson
  • Ryan Nyquist's New Harley Davidson
  • Allan's DC Bus
  • The Boost Bus
  • The Fox Bus
  • A Ride for the Rides
  • Inside the bus
  • Local Artwork for the Local Exposure Tour
  • Turndown over the spine
  • Marcos Torres Ruben Wallride
  • UFO Tailwhip
  • Luke Parslow Fastplant
  • Alistair Whitton
  • Dave Dillewaard fufanu
  • Superwhip at Da Compound
  • Joe Riley No-Hand-360 at Da Compound
  • Dennis Enarson No-hand 180
  • Dennis Enarson Fastplant
  • Dennis Enarson Side-Smith
  • Mike Shirley
  • Keith, I think
  • Ryan Nyquist
  • Marcos Torres
  • Marcos Torres
  • Micah and Catfish
  • Micah and Catfish
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