Mark Mulville - Fastplant Table at Bane's

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Mark Mulville - Fastplant Table at Bane's - kylecarlson - BMX Pictures - Vital BMX
"Right about high noon, Chad Degroot and Mark Mulville rolled into Tampa for the first unofficial Profile Backyard Ramp Day. After a lunch break at the infamous Taco Bus, we met up with Scott Bane and long time Profile Family member Sean Albright at the #Banerampcompound.

We were lucky enough to get a slight cool front before the brutal Florida summer heat and humidity roll in. We kept the music low as to not bum out the neighbors and the five of us shredded for a good four hours, christening the newly built spine addition.

Thanks to Scott for all the hard work and thanks to Profile for sponsoring our local backyard ramp!

By 5pm we had headed over to the bus for a second round. We filled our guts with some burritos and, by 6pm, rolled into Ryan Clements' Dream Driveway. Imagine a cement snake run cascading up your drive way and ending at the garage. Words can't describe how incredibly smooth each quarter, volcano, and hip end up being as you gain speed carving down the driveway.

Food for thought for next year - Brakes would be nice.

Thanks to Ryan and Jenna Clements, Scott and Krissy Bane, and Profile Racing for supporting the day. Enjoy the photos, see you next year!"

- Matt Coplon
Credit: Profile
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Profile's Unofficial Backyard Ramp Day

  • Mark Mulville - Fastplant Table at Bane's
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  • Sean Albright - Table at Clements'
  • Chad DeGroot - Nosepick at Clements'
  • Mark Mulville - One Footed Table at Clements'
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