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VITAL: What are you most particular about on your bike? What makes it your own?

Matt: This current rig is based off of an extinct Country Bikes “Outlaw” frame, which hasn’t been made in years. The bars are based off of a Country Bikes 711 Bar, which is also extinct. Without Mike Ciccarello’s help, I had no clue what the dimensions were. I just knew what I liked and this culmination is exactly that. As far as accessory preferences, I prefer fresh FBM grips, a fat Deco seat, Profile aluminum pegs, and Demolition Momentum tires are an absolute. These Demolition tires were a process to get to. I went through so many tires to finally discover these which handle the most slick of surfaces. They’re incredibly light, too. As far as personal preferences, uncut bars, a mandatory 70PSI in my tires for both ramp and street, and I like my chain incredibly tight. So much so that if it gets rained on, it turns into a squeaky mess. I have to keep it lubed up at all times.

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