greenlake dirtjumps

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North West North East trip

  • table
  • steep quarter
  • burnside day1
  • burnside day2
  • greenlake dirtjumps
  • xup, turndown, 1hander, table was the line
  • classic bump jump
  • my buddy rustavo with the hops learning wallrides
  • im getting more and more comfy with my wallrides
  • sketchy quarter-wall-quarter
  • curbbump to wallride, superfun
  • no bikes in fdr
  • where i stayed at fdr
  • oververt
  • oververtpart of my bowl run
  • oververtfuck you koolaide man
  • oververtmy turndowns look like shit so ill post table
  • pedal feeble
  • i was able to tire feeble this for daaaaayz and then eventually slide out into that wall, never rode anything like it
  • i grinded this on this
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