josh james- turndown air at aberdare skatepark, wales,uk 2

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josh james- turndown air at aberdare skatepark, wales,uk - welshdenny - BMX Pictures - Vital BMX

took this on march 19th 2011. a rad day.

Credit: denny
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my bmx photography 2010-11.

  • chris atwood inverts down the knap
  • lee enever tailslides the hip at aberdare
  • nick maddocks- opposite lookback over the hip at cwmbran,  april 2011
  • nick maddocks throws down a flair at pontypool, april 2011
  • nick maddocks downside whips the hip at pontypool, april 2011
  • steve cushion with a flattie over the box at pontypool, april 2011
  • steve cushion- no foot can can at pontypool, april 2011
  • gareth watkins roof gaps in radyr, cardiff. april 2011
  • gareth watkins toboggans at radyr, cardiff.
  • anthony prosser with a fence ride to flat at radyr,cardiff. april 2011
  • ronbmx turndowns the spine at the knap skatepark,south wales
  • a panda doing a steamroller. barry, south wales.
  • phil lock nac nac over the Lsp jumpbox.
  • jim dickson turndowns the box at Lsp, Cardiff
  • steve cushion downwhip the ghetto hip at Lsp,Cardiff
  • heather edwards- tucked no hander at aberdare, south wales.
  • josh james- opposite lookback air down the knap, march 2011
  • josh james turndowns the hip at aberdare,wales,uk. march 19th 2011
  • josh james- turndown air at aberdare skatepark, wales,uk
  • matti hemmings spins a cliffhanger variation in cardiff,wales,uk
  • matti hemmings with a fork stand karl kruzer, cardiff,wales,uk
  • tudor gilham toothpick grinds the rail. cardiff skate plaza,wales,uk
  • matti hemmings hang 5's the beach wall, the knap,wales,uk
  • joe getliff launches to flat from the volcano. lsp,cardiff,,wales,uk
  • steve cushion-1 footed opposite table at Lsp,cardiff,wales,uk
  • jim dickson turndowns the Lsp box,cardiff, wales,uk
  • ratty- superman at Lsp, cardiff,wales,uk
  • matti hemmings hitchikes for the swans, wales,uk.
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