PhotoChances are you've seen one of these cameras (or at least the Action Shot logo) somewhere over the past few months. If you're not already familiar with Action Shot, this brief product blog should get you better acquainted.

First off, a quick preface - Action Shot supports BMX. They're new on the scene, but have already added Scotty Cranmer to their team, in addition to sponsoring The Play Contest. Both awesome things.

The camera itself rings up at a remarkably low $49.99 and is made to shoot (and share) riding footage. It can be mounted on your bars/helmet/whatever else you desire, or simply held by hand. This commercial should give you a better idea -

As previously mentioned, the Action Shot Camera is $49.99 (which includes a battery, charger, helmet mount, adhesive mounts, and more). There are many additional accessorizes available for the camera that aren't necessary, but can be added on to make your video experience even more enjoyable.

PhotoThis is Action Shot's Portable Video Viewer. Don't want to wait until you get home to watch your clips? Pick one of these up for $29.99, snap it to the back of the camera, and watch away.

PhotoWant even more protection for your Action Shot Camera? This is their High Impact Case and it costs $9.99. The camera is incredibly durable as it is, but this basically makes it bombproof.

PhotoThis is the Deluxe Mounting Kit. If you like to mount cameras on your helmet / bars / anything else you can think of, this stuff will come in handy. The Deluxe Mounting Kit costs $24.99.

For more information on Action Shot, their products, where they're available, and anything else you may be wondering, hit up Action Shot's website.

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