"Our all new Open and Suburban bars are now in stock and with all new tubing. We went away with the lightweight tubing to a thicker gauge tubing. Both bars are also butted in all the stress points of the bar. The Suburban bar also got a minor facelift with a bigger center box (wider and higher crossbar)." -Demolition Parts

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  • EddiMundo

    6/19/2012 6:45 AM

    Anyone who doesn't like a heavy bike gets ripped on for it by everyone else.. So sounds good to me

  • Rory_Bock

    6/18/2012 10:06 PM

    ya il add some weight to gain strength any day

  • ridebmx4life16

    6/18/2012 7:31 PM

    This is a good move by demolition,its better to have a set of bars that are stronger and weight a bit more then having to worry about bending your bars everytime you land hard or drop your bike.