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For the past year, we’ve made titanium button head bolts out of 6AL4V titanium. A straight 3/8 as well as a 3/8 to 14mm adapter (one that will adapt your 3/8 hub to a 14mm drop out).
[LINK TO IMAGE]We are now offering the same two bolts in 4140-heat treated steel. Both offer the same clean and flush look against your drop out and the straight 3/8 steel version is made for peg use.[LINK TO IMAGE]In addition to these two bolts, we are now doing a 3/8 to 14mm peg and drop-out reducer (aka our “button head peg bolt”)[LINK TO IMAGE]This new CNC machined, 4140 CDA (heat treated) bolt adapts both your 14mm peg and 14mm drop out to a 3/8 axle.

This bolt allows for:
-The conversion of your existing 14mm set up down to 3/8 which allows for weight reduction.
3/8 aluminum axle with steel button head (4.7 ounces/132 grams)
Existing 14mm GDH axle kit (7.2 ounces/204 grams)
-Peg use for light street and park riding.
-Can adapt any 10mm variation between your drop out and peg (for instance if your drop out is 6mm and your 14mm peg is 4mm).
Retail price: $10.99 each bolt.
Available now!

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