Shadow Conspiracy Deadbolt Bar Ends

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Cool colors and awesome design!

The Good:

Color choice, durable, pretty lightweight, good hardware

The Bad:

Sometimes they pop out, i was riding on flat ground one time and my left bar end shot out like 5ft lol.

Overall Review:

I really like these bar ends, i got the copper stained looking color and it went well with my them at the time. I have since painted them black. Cool bar ends

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Vital BMX member Bulletpup
154155 Bulletpup,154155/all 08/02/17 7 49 869 15 37

They are great just keep them from getting sharp

The Good:

They are strong and last long

The Bad:

They get sharp ends over time

Overall Review:

Just file them down every once in a while and you wont have any problems. Well worth it though. I have had them longer than most of the parts on my bike

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Vital BMX member Philip171
144219 Philip171 /images/default/avatar/c50.png,144219/all 12/01/16 7

Love these bar ends

The Good:

These are very durable and come in a plethora of colors which is good for everyone and they are very hard to go wrong with and match with every grip out there.

The Bad:

Other than the normal with metal bar ends where the edges get sharp and can cut you nothing.

Overall Review:

Very satisfied and recommend these to anyone who rides hard as they will hold up to the occasional drop of the bike.

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Vital BMX member Duganftw517
114283 Duganftw517,114283/all 01/03/15 11 2


Product Shadow Conspiracy Deadbolt Bar Ends
Riding Type Freestyle
Type Metal
Materials CNC machined 7075 alloy
Colors Black, Crimson Red, Perma Blue, Chrome, Purple, Orange
Weight 0 lb 0.8 oz (21 g)
Miscellaneous Slim design with flush mount bolt. Expansion style wedge fits most bars cut or uncut
Price $16.99
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Deadbolt Bar Ends

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