Hoffman Bikes Alloy Chain Tensioner

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hoffman chain tensionors

The Good:

small, look cool, come in a decent amount of colors, keeps your chain tight.

The Bad:

doesn't work on all chains and dropouts. I had to get an odyssey bluebird chain for it to work.

Overall Review:

overall its worth a buy. With these handy little devices I never have to constantly put my wheel back after each sesshion

Yes I rock the chain tensioners

The Good:

Small and light weight. They come with 3 different length allen bolts.

The Bad:

everyone including skaters ask me why I use them. My friend tried using them on his B-rad frame and they didn't work. He has to get a half link for his chain to get them to work.

Overall Review:

These work great with my chain, and drop out length. Every time I have to do any work on my rear wheel I just set the tension, and tighten my bolts.The rear wheel never slips on me.


Product Hoffman Bikes Alloy Chain Tensioner
Materials 6061 Alloy
Colors Flat Black, Red, Blue, Green, Blasted Sand, Smoke Nickle
Weight 0 lb 0.4 oz (11 g)
Price $7.99
More Info Hoffman Bikes website

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