Alienation UL Wheels

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ultra light.

The Good:

Ultra light. Super smooth.

The Bad:

Rim may be too thin?

Overall Review:

I've only had this wheel for about a week now, so I will be back later on with more. But for now it is staying straight and tight.. people have talked a lot of crap about front wheels like this. Truth is, from what I've seen out of it so far. You should never have a problem with it. Just try to land back wheel first instead of front or flat. That alone will take pretty much all the stress off of it. I can tell the rim itself probably won't hold up to someone that abuses their bike and throws it around ...that's pointless and only breaks parts.. I wouldn't over tighten the studs. The aluminum female axle would prob strip easy. I snugged mine down pretty tight And left it. It hasn't came loose yet. I will have more as I find it out. If I never write on it again. It cuz I've never had any problems.

yee, it's christmas niggahs!

The Good:

deviant rim keeps it all light and strong.

The Bad:

dont know a damn thing about the tin man hub. but alienation is good with rims so maybe the hub is good?

Overall Review:

new product could take a minute for the quality to be reviewed?


Product Alienation UL Wheels
Riding Type Racing
Type Front
Wheel Size 20"
Front Hub Construction
Front Axle
Front Wheel Spoke Count 36H
Front Rim Width
Rear Hub Construction N/A
Drive Style N/A
Rear Hub Axle N/A
Rear Wheel Spoke Count N/A
Rear Rim Width N/A
Drive Side
Driver Size
Rims 20” 36H Deviant
Colors All Black
Weight N/A
Price N/A
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