Blitz 36h Front Wheels (discontinued)

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Blitz 36h Front Wheels Blitz 36h Front Wheels
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Blitz 36h front wheel (discontinued)

The Good:

A Hoffman Bikes side brand, Sealed low flange hub, double-walled rim with pinned joint, loads of color options, sturdy axle, durable and awesome price.

The Bad:

Hub will loosen up over time.

Overall Review:

When i first got this complete wheel from a mail order bmx website, the wheel came with pretty loose spokes 'which is common for stock complete wheels' , so I sent it back to that site and whoever trued my wheel did a more than good job. Alot of people say that it is good to break in the stock wheel before tightening spokes or doing maintenance, but for the price of a 65 dollar wheel i already knew what damage i could have done to it without proper truing for my riding style, which is mostly street. so after sending it and getting it back my spokes still to this day ' 4 years later' are still tighter than a virgin monkey. However after 3 years and learning new tricks that take a toll on front wheels, such as a one hand manual, over time the hub slowly loosens up and seems impossible to crack the hub nuts loose to further maintain the hub. With the rim itself still being almost 100 percent true, i give this complete wheel 2 thumbs up because of the durability and price. The way i see it is hell, if a stock complete wheel lasts me 4 years for 65 bucks, that's worth the ride.


Product Blitz 36h Front Wheels
Riding Type Freestyle
Type Front
Wheel Size 20"
Front Hub Construction Blitz Low Flange Fully Sealed 3/8" Cromo Axle
Front Axle 3/8"
Front Wheel Spoke Count 36H
Front Rim Width
Rear Hub Construction N/A
Drive Style N/A
Rear Hub Axle N/A
Rear Wheel Spoke Count N/A
Rear Rim Width N/A
Drive Side
Driver Size
Rims 36h Double wall rim w/Pinned joint
Colors Colors: Black, Blasted Sand, Blue, Green, Red
Weight 1 lb 13 oz (822 g)
Price $59.99
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