Cinema Tungsten FA Front Wheel (discontinued)

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Solid Wheel all around!

The Good:

I've had this wheel for about 2 years now, and it still runs just as well as it did when I bought it. The rim is strong, the hub lasts, and the price is right.

The Bad:

This the only front hub that Cinema does not make a hub guard for. You may be stuck running a Gsport GLAND hub guard or you might get lucky and find a compatible hub guard.

Overall Review:

Awesome wheel all around! I just wish they made a hub guard for it. Don't let that stop you from getting this wheel though.

Cinema Tungsten female front wheel

The Good:

Strong, female axle, good colors (mines teal).

The Bad:

Nothing! Hub is cinema but no logos?

Overall Review:

Great wheel, not ridiculously spendy, shhtrong!!!

top shit wheel

The Good:

it isn't to expensive, light weight, runs perfectly

The Bad:

kinda shitty spokes but that doesnt really matter

Overall Review:

look for a complete wheel it is great and plus if nathan, corey and garret ride them they cant be bad


Product Cinema Tungsten FA Front Wheel
Riding Type
Wheel Size
Front Hub Construction Cinema Tungsten FA
Front Axle
Front Wheel Spoke Count
Front Rim Width
Rear Hub Construction N/A
Drive Style
Rear Hub Axle
Rear Wheel Spoke Count
Rear Rim Width
Drive Side
Driver Size 5T
Rims Cinema 777
Colors Black, aqua, purple, red, white, and yellow
Weight 2 lb 0.6 oz (926 g)
Price $129.99
More Info

Rim: Double-wall welded rim

Material: 6061 aluminum hub shell

Axle: 3/8" threaded female axle (24tpi)

Axle Nuts: 3/8" threaded chromoly bolts (24tpi)

Cone Nuts: Push-on alloy cone (x2)

Flange Offset From Center: 32mm

Pitch Circle Diameter: 39mm

Bearing Code: 15267 (x2)

Spoke Length: 186mm

Spoke Holes: 36 holes

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