Cinema Tungsten LHD Rear Wheel

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Cinema Tungsten LHD Rear Wheel  tungsten_rear_black
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A Great Buy

The Good:

Strong, strong rim that stays circular and has a nice sound to the hub.

The Bad:

The nuts slip at first but after a week of tightening its all good. Don't get wet lube in it it messed the hub up for a couple of days.

Overall Review:

Great buy and don't resent it for a minute. The anodized yellow is really sweet to.

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Vital BMX member JDB
90510 JDB,90510/all 02/13/12 1 4 3 4

Its great if ur on a budget

The Good:

strong rim...really really strong rim (trust me)

The Bad:

the hub but not too critical

Overall Review:

its been 8 months since i had this badboy and the hub is really durable but it can be messed up (just dont touch it all the time and grease it about once every 3 months) it still holds up for me REALLY RECCOMEND FOR RIDERS ON A BUDGET!!

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Vital BMX member WildBycyclist666
80806 WildBycyclist666,80806/all 06/14/11 7 4 129 2610 256 8 11


Product Cinema Tungsten LHD Rear Wheel
Riding Type Freestyle
Type Rear
Wheel Size 20"
Front Hub Construction N/A
Front Axle N/A
Front Wheel Spoke Count N/A
Front Rim Width N/A
Rear Hub Construction Cinema Tungsten LHD
Drive Style Rear Cassette
Rear Hub Axle 14mm
Rear Wheel Spoke Count 36H
Rear Rim Width
Drive Side LHD
Driver Size 9T
Rims Cinema 777
Colors Black, chrome, purple, and red
Weight 2 lb 11.7 oz (1239 g)
Price $189.99
Miscellaneous 9-tooth chromoly, 4-pawl, LHD driver
More Info

Rim: Double-wall welded rim

Material: 6061 aluminum hub shell

Features: Available in both RHD and LHD versions

Axle: 14mm heat-treated chromoly axle with 6mm internal hex

Axle Nuts: 14mm threaded chromoly nuts (14x1 thread pitch)

Driver: 9-tooth chromoly, 4-pawl, driver

Driver Spring: Single wraparound spring (x1)

Non-Driveside Cone: 23mm threaded alloy cone (x1)

Driveside Cone: 23mm threaded steel nut (x1)

Flange Offset From Center: 27mm

Pitch Circle Diameter: 50mm

Bearing Code: 6902 (x2)

Spoke Length: 185mm

Spoke Holes: 36 holes