Odyssey Midway Rear Wheel Wheels (discontinued)

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Midway Rear Wheel
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Soooo solid

The Good:

Strong, takes everything you throw at it

The Bad:

Cone washers come loose when tightening the wheel.

Overall Review:

This is a great wheel I got mine off ebay its 48 spoke and solid as shit. I fixed the cone washer problem with some chain tensioners I run my bike pegless anyways so it doesn't matter.



this wheel might be the best i'v ever had, not many prolems except when the axle broke off at the driver.



This wheel is the best one I have ever ridden it is really really tough I have Jammed it into parking blocks and fallen over the other side and barely tweaked it. The Hazard hub rocks I have gone through hubs like no other the last one I had came off of the bike in two pieces. This hub is ultra-smooth I have never gone as fast with as little amount of pedaling that I do with this. If you have about $150 bucks and you are in the market for a smooth awesome wheel than this is the one for you. I have had it the longest of any other wheel with no problems.


Product Odyssey Midway Rear Wheel Wheels
Riding Type Freestyle
Type Rear
Wheel Size 20"
Front Hub Construction N/A
Front Axle N/A
Front Wheel Spoke Count N/A
Front Rim Width N/A
Rear Hub Construction
Drive Style
Rear Hub Axle
Rear Wheel Spoke Count
Rear Rim Width
Drive Side
Driver Size
Colors Black
Weight N/A
Price N/A
Miscellaneous INFO:
Tried and true Hazard Cassette paired up with the Midway. For those people wh still damage a Hazard Lite, the Midway is our most heavy duty rim, but still lighter than others.

MSRP: $?
Featured color: black
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