Shadow Conspiracy Stun Complete Rear Wheels (discontinued)

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Shadow Conspiracy Stun Complete Rear Wheels 109-05008_TSC_StunRW_PermaBlue
C70_109_05008_tsc_stunrw_permablue C70_148_05008_tsc_stunrw_copper C70_114_05008_36_9t_tsc_stunrw_chrome_iso C70_22567704 C70_22567706 C70_22567705 C70_22567791 C70_22567707 C70_22567708 C70_22577027 C70_22567889
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Pretty strong wheel

The Good:

Rim, hub, look, colors, quality

The Bad:

I broke the driver (my fault).... got a new one and it was fine.. And the spokes are absolute shit i broke some of em all together,

Overall Review:

Its probably the best wheel ive ridden.. ive always had problems with spokes so its nbd

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Vital BMX member stay f-it
92447 stay f-it,92447/all 04/05/12 5,92447/setup 55 460 15 14 1

Best wheel I have ever rode.

The Good:

The wheels quality has a premium, top of the line feel to it. The axle is strong and the driver is reliable.

The Bad:

There isn't a Shadow driver side hubguard available, and the non-drive guard is expensive.

Overall Review:

It's a strong wheel, I feel like I got what I paid for.

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Vital BMX member bnewl91
97301 bnewl91,97301/all 08/13/12,97301/setup 8

love the loud ass hub

The Good:

loudest hub i have ever heard. rim seams to be holding up just fine on my buddy's bike and hes a bigger rider

The Bad:

expensive and i dont yet have one

Overall Review:

good and loud hub, rim seams to be strong, and driver and bearings seam to last in it. i would highly recommend this to someone

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Vital BMX member odysseybmxer
44283 odysseybmxer,44283/all 05/13/09 9 28 5 14

Really Nice Rim

The Good:

Hub Rim Loud

The Bad:

Nothing so far Expensive

Overall Review:

Ive rode on it once since I got its and its already come pretty untru. But it think its because its new spokes should be fine after a simple truing. Other then that this rim is amazing

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Vital BMX member Mattdasnoob
88849 Mattdasnoob,88849/all 12/29/11 11 39 1 5


Product Shadow Conspiracy Stun Complete Rear Wheels
Riding Type Freestyle
Type Rear
Wheel Size 20"
Front Hub Construction N/A
Front Axle N/A
Front Wheel Spoke Count N/A
Front Rim Width N/A
Rear Hub Construction 14mm Raptor Cassette
Drive Style Rear Cassette
Rear Hub Axle 14mm
Rear Wheel Spoke Count 36H
Rear Rim Width
Drive Side RHD, LHD
Driver Size
  • 9T
  • 10T
  • 11T
Rims 36H Shadow Stun Rim
Colors Hubs and spokes: Black, Rims: White, Crimson Red, Purple, Highlighter Blue, Highlighter Yellow, Raw Polish, Perma Blue, Copper
Weight 2 lb 10 oz (1191 g)
Price N/A
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