Demolition Rig 24mm Cranks

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Demolition Rig 24mm Cranks Demolition Rig 24mm Cranks Demolition Rig 24mm Cranks
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Great Cranks!

The Good:

24mm spindle, nice matte black finish with “Markit” logo on crank arms, perfect weight, Lifetime Warranty

The Bad:

Nothing really

Overall Review:

Ok I have these cranks and I’ve read a few reviews. Some are negative. And I will address those now. It seems like the main issue was with the spindle and installation. Now the spindle is a little tight when attaching the crank arm. But that’s a good thing, you do not want it to go on super easy. Also I don’t know if the people who had trouble with the spindle or installation were adding enough or any grease to spindle, arms, etc.. with cranks it’s suggested you grease everything that has threads so removal and installing on will be easier. With that being said, it took me only 30 mins to install these and that was without the spindle tool demolition sells. Demolition is a great company. I have not had a product of theirs go bad on me yet(crossing my fingers). But if your in the market for some new cranks with a great warranty I suggest only 3 companies Animal, Demolition, and Profile. All 3 companies offer lifetime warranties on their cranks. And Profile is a USA made company. Animal has some USA parts. But just because they were not made in the USA does not make them bad or cheap either. Most of demolitions products come from Taiwan. And they do great work in Taiwan. Also they have a ton of amazing riders their. Buy from a trusted and quality company and one you can respect. I respect all 3 of these companies and stand by their products. 


The Good:

Strong, look great

The Bad:

Threads come loose on the spindle, issue with pedal bosses, but the worst of it is that demolition WILL ignore you when you contact them. They won’t even try to help you out.

Overall Review:

Great cranks if you didn’t have to buy threadlocker with the cranks. But don’t by demo because they don’t support the riders. Get some odyssey thunderbolts, odyssey WILL help you and hold up their lifetime warranty. Their warranty is legit. Demolitons is a marketing strategy.


Product Demolition Rig 24mm Cranks
Riding Type Freestyle
Type 3-Piece
Crank Arm Construction Heat Treated CRMO arms with built in ridge face for added strength and stiffness
Crank Arm Materials CRMO
Crank Arm Length
  • 165mm
  • 170mm
  • 175mm
Spindle 24mm
Colors Black, Chrome, Other (Black Jacket)
Weight 1 lb 15.6 oz (896 g)
Miscellaneous *LIFETIME WARRANTY – Against cracks & breaks on the arms and spindle to the original purchaser
Dennis Enarson Signature 24mm Cranks
Heat Treated CRMO arms with built in ridge face for added strength and stiffness
Forged 24 mm X 48T splined boss that sites flush to prevent ankle scarring
24 mm X 48T splined heat treated CRMO spindle
CRMO spindle bolts with 3/8″ ratchet and 6 mm allen keyed by CNC’d
24 mm Mid BB bearings, cones and washers sold separately
  • $149.99
  • $165.99
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