Federal Drop V2 Fork (discontinued)

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Product Federal Drop V2 Fork
Riding Type Freestyle
Wheel Size 20"
Steer Tube Construction Integrated headset race
Leg Construction 100% 20/20 heat treated 4130 Chromoly Butted and tapered fork legs - Fits 2.4″ tyres
Dropouts (Axle Size) Dropouts 6mm thick 3/8″ (10mm) only
Brake Mounts
Weight N/A
Miscellaneous The Drop fork has been completely redesigned for the V2 model to improve its strength and appearance. The main change was to replace the laser cut dropout with an investment cast dropout plate. This differs significantly from the Liquid fork where both the dropout plate and the end of the fork leg are cast in one piece, whereas this fork only has the plate cast using this process. The cast dropout creates a unique shape that is virtually unachievable using the traditional laser cutting process and allows us to curve the inner edge of the dropout to create a perfect fit between the dropout and the fork leg. This increases the welding area and creates a stronger join between the two parts. This also allows us to increase the thickness of the dropout to 7.5mm where it meets the fork leg making this join even stronger, whilst still keeping the majority of the dropout at the regular thickness of 6mm. We have also embossed the Federal ‘F’ logo into the dropout as well as reducing the diameter of the fork legs to give them a modern appearance. The fork rake has been reduced to 30mm to quicken up the responsiveness of the front end, and we have reduced the top cap from an H25 to an H24 thread to increase the strength of the top of the steerer tube.

More Info:
Includes New style Top Cap (H24)
Price N/A
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