Nitrous Afterburner Fork

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Nitrous Afterburner Fork Fork Nitrous Afterburner Matte Black LoRes
C70_fork_nitrous_afterburner_matte_black_lores C70_fork_nitrous_afterburner_matte_white_lores C70_fork_nitrous_afterburner_matte_white_front_view_lores C70_fork_nitrous_afterburner_matte_hot_blue_lores C70_fork_nitrous_afterburner_matte_red_front_view_lores C70_fork_nitrous_afterburner_matte_red_lores C70_fork_nitrous_afterburner_matte_black_front_view_lores C70_fork_nitrous_afterburner_matte_red_dropouts_lores C70_fork_nitrous_afterburner_dropouts_lores C70_fork_nitrous_afterburner_matte_hot_blue_front_view_lores
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Good for the money

The Good:

Pretty strong, looks great and awesome for beginners and some intermediate riders that aren't so street

The Bad:

Drop outs bend, not for heavy peg use

Overall Review:

They surprisingly last and are great if you don't got much money for better forks, but the drop outs bend if you are heavy with pegs, got a second pair and they started bending already, it's great for beginners and intermediate park/pegless kids

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Vital BMX member Roqfan
84793 Roqfan,84793/all 09/12/11 3 10 127 5695 140 1 12

better then stock

The Good:

for the price i cant even bitch their bang for a buck

The Bad:

dont feel super strong

Overall Review:

i got them for the free went through 3 riders before me and still good shape... way lighter then my stock tapered kink strife forks

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Vital BMX member Flocka Myers
75857 Flocka Myers,75857/all 02/21/11 97 2647 13 1 25

Really cannot complain

The Good:

Reasonably strong, affordable.

The Bad:

Heavy, looks high end but really isnt, the laser cut Ns on the bottom of the legs bend in. Don' get em youll regret it

Overall Review:

They suck, I just snapped mine and fucked up my hand

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Vital BMX member Gabedabmxboy
69615 Gabedabmxboy,69615/all 10/07/10 1 5 4 1,69615/setup 2 1 38 5


Product Nitrous Afterburner Fork
Riding Type Freestyle
Wheel Size 20"
Steer Tube Construction 100% Japanese Chromoly That is 1pc. CNC Machined w/ Integrated Bearing Race 168mm Length
Leg Construction 100% Japanese Chromoly w/ Tapered Butted Legs
Dropouts (Axle Size) 3/8" Chromoly Hang Free Dropout Design
Brake Mounts
Colors Matte Red, Matte Black, Matte White, Matte Hot Blue
Weight 2 lb 6 oz (1077 g)
Miscellaneous Headset Compression Cap Included
Price N/A
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