Hoffman Bikes 2015 Lady Luck Frame

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Hoffman Bikes 2015 Lady Luck Frame Hoffman Bikes 2015 Lady Luck Frame Hoffman Bikes 2015 Lady Luck Frame
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Great frame

The Good:

Heat treated dropouts, gyro tabs, very responsive frame. Seriously tough frame.

The Bad:

Dropouts are tiny, which is a problem for people who use freewheels (My wheels originally came off my old bike, which had a 16t freewheel on it), because there's gonna be some slack that you can't get rid of without chain tensioners (I mean, you can get rid of it, but it's just gonna slip forward anyways so, yeah), and, surprise surprise, you can't put any on. However, if you have a cassette like a 9T or something, then something interesting is gonna happen. Basically, to remove the slack you have to install the wheel and remove as many links as possible, however, this means that when your tire pops, you're gonna need a chainbreaker handy. It can be done without one but it's a bitch to do so. Even then I'd still recommend the frame. Brake mounts are an absolute pain, what I did was just take some red threadlock and tightened them onto the frame as tight as possible, however this probably isn't a concern for you if you ride brakeless.

Overall Review:

I got this frame around Christmas time for myself at half off over from planetbmx. I got the frame in black and it's quite a good frame. It's a middle ground weight, but it's on the lighter end of that ground. Very responsive frame, the dropouts are tiny which can be good but is also bad which is explained up above. Brake mounts are a pain and I think are also a non standard thread?(I say this because I still have my old forks and they accept the bolts right away) I had to use the bolts that came with the brake mounts and obviously those don't work with the Evo 2 brakes I run, because they need that flush bolt to work, so I got some super thin washers and put those on under the bolts so that they would bend, and they work just as well as the flush bolts. The brake mounts are a pain in the sense that they are those thread on mounts, like what sunday uses, however unlike sunday they don't have those sides that you can wrench on, so when you go to loosen the bolts holding your brakes on (you basically have to do this to give friction to let your brakes move), the whole brake mount moves with it. I remedied this with red loctite, since I pretty much will never run brakeless anyways, however if you do this you'll need a heat gun or a blow torch to remove it. These things are pretty minor though and it's still an excellent frame, just if you get evo 2 brakes realize you are going to need tiny thin washers to install it.

The frame comes with gyro tabs and brake mounts in the box. Excellent frame even with these minor setbacks.


Product Hoffman Bikes 2015 Lady Luck Frame
Riding Type Freestyle
Wheel Size 20"
Materials 100% 4130 Chromo
Top Tube Length
  • 20.75"
  • 21"
Chainstay Length 13.7”
Head Tube Angle 75°
Seat Tube Angle 71.5°
Standover Height
BB Height
Brake Mounts Seat stay Removable brake mounts and cable guides
Dropouts (Axle Size) 4mm Thick heat-treated dropouts
Headset Integrated head tube w/removable detangler tabs
Bottom Bracket Type Mid, 11.5”
Seatpost Clamp
Colors Black, CP, Red
Weight N/A
Price $299.99
More Info

Ben Hennon is one of the most dynamic BMX riders in the world with a progressive style and is a true bad ass. The Hoffman Bikes Ben Hennon signature frame “Lady Luck” was one of the best selling frames last year. The Lady Luck frame features a geometry that is suitable for all styles of riding.

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