Demolition Waffle Grips

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Demolition Waffle Grips Demolition Waffle Grips Demolition Waffle Grips
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great grip

The Good:

great old school grip they feel great if you stretch them out

The Bad:

if your hands sweat allot like mine they can get slippy but heres a tip cary a little bag of chalk with you to put on your hands and it will stop that slip u can do the same with dirt

Overall Review:

awsome i love them go get a pair!!!!!!

last hella long

The Good:

they lAST a long time

The Bad:

suck for about 2 months of riding everyday

Overall Review:

if you hate replacing grips and can deal with hard grips for 2 months these are for you


Product Demolition Waffle Grips
Riding Type
Materials Soft Kraton Rubber
Length 153mm
Type Flange
Colors White and Black
Weight N/A
Price N/A
Miscellaneous One of our very first products released in 99! Great feeling grip right out of the box
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