Hoffman Bikes 2012 Razz Grips

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Pretty good

The Good:

Soft, long and grippy. It is a grip.

The Bad:

Dont last long, and I dont like thin grips. Bad part is the metal washers rattle.

Overall Review:

I stopped the rattling by rolling up some electrical tape sticky side out and put it in-between the washer and bar end. Not a problem with it since. It is a grip. Grab one and see if it makes you happy to hold. If it does, get it. If it doesn't, grab another.

Alright grips

The Good:

Pretty soft, non slippiry

The Bad:

gives bad blisters and wear down fast

Overall Review:

i would mabe get them again in the future


Product Hoffman Bikes 2012 Razz Grips
Riding Type Freestyle
Materials Kraton super soft
Length 150
Type Flange
Colors Black, White, Blue, Green, Clear Smoke, Smoke Nickel, Red
Weight N/A
Price $7.99
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