MacNeil Traveler Grips

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MacNeil Traveler Grips MacNeil Traveler Grips MacNeil Traveler Grips
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The Good:

soft, squishy, not slippery, nice dimension, soft right out of the box

The Bad:

barends weak, stretchout, don't stay put on the bars, they wear out faster if they stretch. the black ones are harder rubber, not many color choices

Overall Review:

I got the green ones. they were super great grips but after a while you might need to replace them or somehow make them stick to your bars better. I would recommend glueing these grips to your bars, and getting odyssey par ends (they look super flush with these grips) they will last about 5 months and they feel great! better than odi's. The black one's are made of a harder rubber, so get the colored ones, glue them (use rubber cement and make sure your bars are clean), and get odyssey par ends. (will last at least 5 months guaranteed) the best grip combo right there


Product MacNeil Traveler Grips
Riding Type Freestyle
Materials soft Krayton rubber
Type Flange
Colors Black, Green, Purple, White, Red
Weight N/A
Price N/A
Miscellaneous Ultra thin profile, durable nylon barends
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