Mission Helix Grips (discontinued)

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Mission Helix Grips grips_helix_gum
C70_grips_helix_gum C70_grips_helix_red C70_141361930_1290461084 C70_139412430_1290461088 C70_140315020_1290461092
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The Good:

color thaat is it

The Bad:

hard as a rock

Overall Review:

pure poop it sucks monky nuts

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Vital BMX member icepick69hero
76825 icepick69hero https://p.vitalbmx.com/photos/users/76825/avatar/c50_393643_10150398201065868_348859255867_8690856_843212632_n.jpg?1323289250 https://www.vitalbmx.com/community/icepick69hero,76825/all 03/20/11 11 32 8 7 1

You're better off riding gripless.

The Good:

Decent colors, I guess.

The Bad:

They are solid. That's not good.

Overall Review:

They are a terrible grip, in terms of comfort.

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Vital BMX member jedxshredsxtsc
74243 jedxshredsxtsc https://p.vitalbmx.com/photos/users/74243/avatar/c50_182741_1508205039632_1669527406_1061811_5080949_n.jpg?1298842473 https://www.vitalbmx.com/community/jedxshredsxtsc,74243/all 01/13/11 12 https://www.vitalbmx.com/community/jedxshredsxtsc,74243/setup 2 2 6 4

Hard as a rock

The Good:

Cheap, the come on low end kink completes.

The Bad:

They are super hard, probaly rip once they break in.

Overall Review:

don't buy them they come on low end completes.

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Vital BMX member Brokenbmx
26805 Brokenbmx https://p.vitalbmx.com/photos/users/26805/avatar/c50_shes_got_legs_for_days_30_photos14_1401072393_1401076043.jpg?1401075482 https://www.vitalbmx.com/community/Brokenbmx,26805/all 08/09/08 124 263 1 https://www.vitalbmx.com/community/Brokenbmx,26805/setup 400 13833 871 11 189


Product Mission Helix Grips
Riding Type Freestyle
Materials soft kraton rubber
Type Flange
Colors Black, Blue, Purple, Gum, Red
Weight 0 lb 3.7 oz (105 g)
Price N/A
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Mission website