S&M ODI Grips Grips (discontinued)

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ODI Grips
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s & m grips.

The Good:

really soft, lock on so they stay in place.

The Bad:

wear out too fast.

Overall Review:

a soft lock on grip overall there all right

S&M Clamp On Grips

The Good:

Lock ons so theyre the easiest grips to install. No throttle grip ever and since theyre ODI they feel amazing right out of the package. the horizontal ribs add so much more grip. they break in easily so they feel even better in one sesh

The Bad:

the clamps can be hard to install and they dont include the allen key that fits the clamps so if you dont have it youre screwed. Wear out really fast

Overall Review:

These are some of the best grips ive owned yet. I love S&M and ODI so these grips are my favorite for looks aswell. plus they take seconds to install couldnt ask for more. Wish they could have lasted longer though



well i just got these a frew days ago for 20 bucks and there good they get kinda sticky lol wait after masterbating there sticky but other wise i think there good grips and they come with those ends witch are really good took 5 minutes to get both on.... so get them a fucker


Product S&M ODI Grips Grips
Riding Type Freestyle
Type Flange
Weight N/A
Price N/A
Miscellaneous S&M ODI Clamp-on Grips
• Includes 4 ODI Lock-Jaw clamps and 1 pair ODI Lock-On end plugs
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