Primo Remix Rear Hub

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One of the best.

It may be old, but it sure is good.

The Good:

Both LHD and RHD options, durable build, easy to work on.

The Bad:

A bit on the heavy side.

Overall Review:

First off, if you don’t like loud and obnoxious sounding hubs, this ain't for you.

If you do enjoy them, like myself, then this is probably for you. I recently made the switch to this hub after riding a stock generic cassette from my old complete, and it’s one of the best feeling things I’ve done to my setup.

Granted, my review is a bit late as this was released years ago, but it’s stood the test of time. The original owner of my Remix bought it the year it was released. Since then, it’s been through four different owners and two different rims, and now to me.

It runs like a champ. It’s never skipped on me, never come loose, and the bearings, springs, and pawls are still fully intact and working smoothly. All I did was give it a good clean and re-grease when it was given to me and it’s been amazing since. It’s also loud, I’d compare it to a slightly tamed version of a Profile Mini. The only issue I’ve come across are the cone nuts which can be easily spun, so it can come loose when working on the hub off the bike. Just make sure it’s tightened properly before installing it again.

Overall this is a fantastic hub with good engagement, a nice noise to it, and a very sturdy-built product.


Product Primo Remix Rear Hub
Riding Type Freestyle
Type Rear
Front Hub Shell Construction
Front Axle
Front Axle Construction
Front Hub Spoke Count
Front Hub Bearing Quality/Type
Rear Hub Shell Construction
Drive Style Rear Cassette
Rear Hub Axle Size 14mm
Rear Axle Construction Male or Female Option
Rear Hub Spoke Count 36H
Rear Hub Bearing Quality/Type
Drive Side RHD, LHD
Driver Size
  • 8T
  • 9T
  • 10T
Colors Black, Polished, White, Green
Weight 0 lb 15.5 oz (439 g)
Price $130
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Remix Cassette Rear

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