Deluxe Superlight Seat Integrated Seat/Post

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I want one.

The Good:

its light, even with a pretty long post, and the kevlar cover should hold up pretty well. It looks like it was actually made for sitting on. also its cheeper than a pivotal set up

The Bad:

nothing that i know of, except that i dont have one

Overall Review:



Product Deluxe Superlight Seat Integrated Seat/Post
Materials Kevlar padded upper, polypropelyne saddle, aluminium post
Post Length 150mm
Post OD 25.4mm
Colors Black, with color logos
Weight 0 lb 7.7 oz (219 g)
Miscellaneous Here, we wanted something very simple, tough, light, and also comfortable - we initially looked at Pivotals, but everyone's making a Pivotal so there's already plenty to choose from. So we did something a little different and worked with KHE to produce this new Deluxe seat and post combination: the aluminium post permanently secures into the seat base (it'll never move) and the Kevlar upper is both light and durable, so the final weight is minimal. Plus, with its comfortable saddle shape and 150mm post (you can run a fist's worth of post with ease), it's also totally practical. We have them in black Kevlar, with embroidered logos in either black, white, red, or blue stitching. Built light, to go fast.
Price $39.99
More Info Deluxe website