DK Aluminum Park Pegs (discontinued)

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DK Aluminum Park Pegs dk_alloy_pegs
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Think before you buy.

The Good:

Very light weight,and works very well if you primarily slide rails and well-waxed ledges.

The Bad:

Doesn't slide well on all ledges.(must be very waxed)

Overall Review:

When it comes to versatility, these can't compete with steel pegs. But if you stick with rails and iron or marble ledges,etc...they will last forever. They are incredibly light-weight. It almost makes me laugh to hold it in my hand and compare it to a steel peg. If you are a selective grinder,they are a worthy purchase.

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Vital BMX member shadowconfan18
17996 shadowconfan18 /images/default/avatar/c50.png,17996/all 04/07/08 3 9 137 79 17

the most amazing devise of man kind

The Good:

lightest peg EVER! dont even feel them. i dont do concreat ledges because i dont wanna waste the peg

The Bad:

i feel they will wear out soon

Overall Review:

lightest peg in the world. perfect for street use

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Vital BMX member Kyle_Plante
78901 Kyle_Plante,78901/all 05/04/11 12


Product DK Aluminum Park Pegs
Type CNC'd 7075 T6 Aluminum
Bore for Axle
    Adapters included?
Colors Black, Silver, Gold
Weight 0 lb 4 oz (113 g)
Price $15.99
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