Merritt BMX SIR Pegs

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Smooth Like Butta

The Good:

Very lightweight
Wears down slowly

The Bad:

No longer version

Overall Review:

The only thing I hated about these were they were short. I like a 4.5 length. Other than that they were amazing. I always ran a metal in the back for the haggard ledges I grinded. This thing ate them up like a champ. Took a year to wear down... ON ONE SIDE!


Product Merritt BMX SIR Pegs
Type Steel
Purpose grinding everything
Length 3.94" (100MM)
Diameter 1.46" (37MM)
Bore for Axle
    Adapters included?
Weight 0 lb 6.7 oz (190 g)
Price $14.99
Miscellaneous The S.I.R. Pegs are made of 4140 chromoly that is first forged, followed by CNC machining, then finally heat-treated to increase strength, durability and performance. Built to last without being over weight. 37mm x 100mm and available for 10mm and 14mm axles.
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