Shadow Conspiracy SLIDE OR DIE (S.O.D.) PEG SYSTEM Pegs

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Slide or die

The Good:

I love how much smaller in width these are from my old little ones pegs with those big fat sleeves. These are plastic pegs and you can't really go wrong with plastic pegs

The Bad:

The sleeve thickness is just so thin it seems like they wear out soo quickly. I find myself having to rotate the pegs very often. And I wish they had those holes like they do in the little ones pegs so you can choose where the peg is gonna sit easier but that's not too big of a deal

Overall Review:

I love the pegs and I'll be running them for a long time it's just I wish the sleeves weren't so thin so I would have to keep buying new ones And rotating them so often. The fat sleeves on the little ones pegs lasted me forever and I don't see why they had to make the plastic so thin when the width of the metal is already so small. So if shadow came out with another option to buy fatter sleeves for these pegs that would make these pegs 10x better


Product Shadow Conspiracy SLIDE OR DIE (S.O.D.) PEG SYSTEM Pegs
Type Steel w/ sleeve
Purpose Step up your grind game with the ultimate plastic peg system
Length 4.09" (104MM)
Diameter 1.54" (39MM)
Bore for Axle
    Adapters included?
Colors black
Weight 0 lb 5.3 oz (150 g)
Price $21.99
Miscellaneous When we approached Scott Ditchburn about creating a signature peg, he had a very specific combination in mind. A plastic sleeve combo peg that looks like a traditional metal peg. With a 104mm length and 39mm diameter, these fit the bill. The butted, heat treated, chromoly insert and 4mm thick plastic all but guarantees these will be stronger and last longer than most combo pegs while still weighing only 5.3 ounces.

The S.O.D. peg also features our proprietary "sleeve lock" design. This feature prevents the plastic sleeve from rotating on rougher grinds and allows metal to metal contact at the drop out for four peg use without the fear of your wheel moving. Step up your grind game with the ultimate plastic peg system.

Single pegs sold individually.

Replacement sleeves also sold seperately.
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