Odyssey Quadrant Rim

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2021 review

The Good:

Quality, color options, company, strength

The Bad:

Unless you get the polished rims the black paint comes off easy. But that’s any rim if you run brakes or are hard in your rims.

Overall Review:

These are great rims. Especially for me since I just got back into BMX after not riding for over 12 years and being disabled and out of shape. These have not bent like my “Sun” rims in the past. And even though they are pinned and not welded at the seam they still are strong. They came on my Sunday Street Sweeper complete and I’ve been riding them brake less and hard for 3 months now. Still true and look new. Depends on the rider and how well they take care of their stuff too. 

Solid, Cheap, Convienient

The Good:

-Decent weight

The Bad:

-Nothing much really
-Maybe a little less attractive than most rims (my opinion)

Overall Review:

I picked these up a little over two years ago for $40 each and they have put up pretty darn well (still riding them). The only damage to them so far is that they are pretty scratched up from me clumsily replacing tires. The only thing I don't like about them is that they are a bit skinnier than the newer rims out there so I guess they just don't look as beefy if you're into that. If your looking for cheap and strong rims these are a great choice.


Product Odyssey Quadrant Rim
Riding Type
Wheel Size
Materials 6000 series aluminum
Holes 36-H
Width 34mm
Height 18mm
Diameter 392mm
Weight 0 lb 14.8 oz (420 g)
20″ or 24″

Price N/A
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