DK Pivotal Seat (discontinued)

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DK Pivotal Seat dk_pivotal_seat2
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Great Seat

The Good:

Comfortable, light

The Bad:

nothing at all

Overall Review:

I got this seat on my 2011 dk helio, iver had it for a year and there is a little rip next to the rubber piece that says dk,but its so good, im stll riding and ive almost been riding it for 2 years , id reccomend it

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Vital BMX member vansbmxrider
98681 vansbmxrider,98681/all 09/24/12 10

Dk Pivotal Seat

The Good:

reallly comfortable,light i guess? and i got mine for free.

The Bad:

tore the piss out of it , its still not a problem.

Overall Review:

dont ride it anymore but i still have it for the future.i liked it,

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Vital BMX member XxTHAxCARNiExX
65189 XxTHAxCARNiExX,65189/all 07/21/10 11 11,65189/setup 37 442 162 17 3

Surprisingly comfortable.

The Good:

This is actually one product that I've been surpised with! Very small and thin with little padding. But even with it's stripped down padding it is still comfortable enough to actually sit on.

The Bad:

Nothing yet.

Overall Review:

I do like to sit down sometimes. I have an Odyssey Senior pc seat in that opaque white color, and while it looks cool, it is brutal to sit on, even with padded bike shorts. I've switched back to this seat and with padded bike shorts it's enough ride 5 miles to work with. Me likes.

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Vital BMX member cleanbmx
74671 cleanbmx,74671/all 01/22/11 1 9 102 5 5 1


Product DK Pivotal Seat
Riding Type Freestyle
Type Pivotal
Material Padded seat w/ rubber material cover
Size/Style Slim pivotal seat
Colors Black/Green
Weight 0 lb 9.5 oz (269 g)
Price N/A
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