Eclat OZ Seat

Average User Rating: (Mediocre)
Eclat OZ Seat Eclat OZ Seat Eclat OZ Seat
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overpriced junk

The Good:

Looks clean and slim

The Bad:

Fragile, Broke easily

Overall Review:

Snapped this seat 2 weeks after getting it. Not even from a whip to seat. I just landed hard on a drop and sat on my seat, and the nose snapped under my weight. Took a look underneath and looks like they fucked with the patented pivotal base to make it look cleaner and flashier. Looks like it ultimately compromised the strength. Overpriced.


Product Eclat OZ Seat
Riding Type Freestyle
Type Pivotal
Material 100% poly propylene base
Size/Style Slim or Fat
Colors Black, Brown
Weight N/A
Price N/A
Miscellaneous Pivotal seat technology Custom developed shape and base construction / designed by éclat / slim or fat padding
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