Fit P.C.P. Plastic Seat (discontinued)

Average User Rating: (Mediocre)
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plastic seat

The Good:


The Bad:

hurts your ass when you land on it, cuts your calfs,

Overall Review:

i've rode a plastic seat before and its pretty much doesn't feel good at all to me. i mean if you like your seat lower and no padding go for it

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Vital BMX member shunGcrew
13458 shunGcrew,13458/all 01/06/08 40 31 6 4 10 134 1 5

its ok. but not great.

The Good:

looks kinda cool. lightweight.

The Bad:

cut your calf and is extremely uncomfortable!

Overall Review:

dont get it. it hurts your leg alot.

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Vital BMX member p-gruber
70518 p-gruber,70518/all 10/24/10 1 1 4

idk wat 2 name it

The Good:

lightweight looks good if u ask me

The Bad:

hurts like hell if u hit ur shins or scrape ur calfs

Overall Review:

looks good, feels bad

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Vital BMX member cameronbikes
68362 cameronbikes,68362/all 09/14/10 1 6 8 1


Product Fit P.C.P. Plastic Seat
Riding Type Freestyle
Type Pivotal
Material Plastic
Size/Style Ultra Slim
Colors black red gold purple clear grey
Weight 0 lb 6 oz (170 g)
Price N/A
More Info

Fit website