Tree Bicycle Co. Ergo Slim Seat Seat

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Best slim seat

The Good:

Comfortable, Not slippy, Durable.

The Bad:

The nose is a little flexy and if it gets wet it absorbs the water a lot.

Overall Review:

I bought it for 25 euro and I am very happy with it, it's very comfortable to sit on and it doesn't hurt, the lip at the back of the makes it feel wide like a stool.

It's easy to find the bolt inside the seat (sometimes fat seats are tricky)

The cover is soft and stretchy (it won't rip)

The Best Pivotal Seat You Can Buy

The Good:

Extremely comfortable. Looks great. Isn't extremely nose-forward, unlike most other pivotal seats, so this feels stiffer and looks more natural. Super soft but durable cover.

The Bad:

The nose is still a bit flexy, but this is something that just happens with pivotal seats.

Overall Review:

I ran one of these for about a year and a half. It is by far the best pivotal seat I've used, and I've used a lot. This slim seat is more comfortable than virtually all other fat seats. Of course that means it is much more comfortable than any other slim seats. It's nice and wide so you have a nice place to sit. Also, the little "lip" at the back that creates the ergonomic shape feels great and helps keep you on the seat, rather than other seats where you just slide off the back. Also, because this is a slim seat, it is easy to find the bolt inside the seat, which always tends to be a struggle with fat pivotal seats. The cover is so soft that you might think you'll tear it, but it is actually very durable.

This seat is more centered than most other pivotal seats, which tend to be very nose-forward. All those other seats look very awkward, but this seat looks nice and natural. It also makes the nose a bit stiffer, but it's still pretty flexy.

I have since moved on to Tripod seats, which are much stiffer and cleaner than pivotal, but this will always be my go-to pivotal seat. I highly recommend it.


Product Tree Bicycle Co. Ergo Slim Seat Seat
Riding Type Freestyle
Type Pivotal
Material Kevlar Micro-fiber
Size/Style Pivotal
Colors Black, Grey, Brown
Weight 0 lb 9.7 oz (275 g)
Price $34.99
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