Verde Pendleton Pivotal Seat

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Slim Red
Verde Pendleton Pivotal Seat Verde Pendleton Pivotal Seat Verde Pendleton Pivotal Seat Verde Pendleton Pivotal Seat Verde Pendleton Pivotal Seat Verde Pendleton Pivotal Seat
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Nice seat, Looks awesome, a bit uncomfortable

The Good:

Looks extremely nice
Its small and doesn't get in the way
just overall a good seat and I love mine. I have the slim in black

The Bad:

Sense I order the slim I knew it wasn't going to be too comfortable, also I came from a beefy fat seat, so if your looking for something that your going to sit on for a long time then go for the fat version. The slim is not very comfortable to sit on for long periods. Thats really my only issue with this seat, and it's not even much of an issue.

Overall Review:

I think this seat is awesome. It's very cheap compared to other seats and it looks alot better than most seats I have seen. Like I said I have the black slim, in the light the seat is black and the pattern is shown when light is shined on it. If that makes sense, pretty much you can always see that pattern. Also I have had this seat for a long time and mines not even worn down at all, no rips or tears or anything. And it's taken some beatings and has been slid along concrete a couple times. Even if it dose rip these seats aren't much, go buy a new one. I recommend it.

Comfy; great fit & finish!

The Good:

very comfortable seat, for those of us who use it when we're waiting for our turns or just sittin' and chillin'! Not too firm, not too soft Design/graphics are pretty sweet too.

The Bad:

the vinyl tears and it's not as durable a material as the Kevlar.

Overall Review:

I'd definitely recommend this seat, but be careful as possible, in order to avoid tearing the material!


Product Verde Pendleton Pivotal Seat
Riding Type Freestyle
Type Pivotal
Material Vinyl covering and woven label designed by artist Don Pendleton
Size/Style Pivotal, available in both slim and padded versions
Colors Black, red, or white
  • 0 lb 9.3 oz (264 g)
  • 0 lb 10.7 oz (303 g)
Price $36.99
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