Colony Griplock Tire

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Colony Griplock Tire Colony Griplock Tire Colony Griplock Tire Colony Griplock Tire Colony Griplock Tire
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Good tire, but take care

good tire, but take care

The Good:

PSI rating is high.
Grip is great, in the dry and on solid surface.
Fat looking tire.
Colors are rad.

The Bad:

The highest rating is 110 PSI, but I suggest around 45PSI if you actually want to grip anything and not slide everywhere like a crazy persons poo.
Don't use these on wet grass. You will dig.
Concrete and scree seems fine at lower PSI.
Might attract attention.

Overall Review:

My son wanted these, so I got a set for my old white devil bike as well.
They're great on solid surfaces if you have the PSI down to about 45. These have a maximum rating of 110psi, and that should be remembered it's a MAXIMUM, not what you want to ride it at that setting.
Cornering at speed takes a bit of getting used to. They want to glide, especially on anything not concrete. Sealed bitumen is the best surface for these wheels. Real smooth.


Product Colony Griplock Tire
Riding Type Freestyle
Thread Count
Width 2.35"
Maximum Tire Pressure 110PSI
Wheel Size 20"
Suggested Tire Pressure (Optional)
Colors Black, Blue, Aqua, Green, Purple, Other
Weight N/A
Price N/A
Miscellaneous Team Design Tyre
Multi purpose modern tread design
110PSI construction using 60TPI material for strength & light weight.
20×2.35″ available with 20×2.2″ size in the works for 2017 release.
Fast rolling, low resistance tread design.
Strong side wall construction.
Comes in Black/Black, Purple/Black, Dark Grey/Black, Blue/Black, Emerald/Black & Grey Storm.
Note: The grey storm effect is applied after the tyre is moulded so it will wear off with use.
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