Eclat Mirage Tire

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Eclat Mirage Tire Eclat Mirage Tire Eclat Mirage Tire Eclat Mirage Tire Eclat Mirage Tire
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The Good:

These tires are the best and nothing but the best. Lightweight, never catch on grinds, sidewalks are unfazed by ghost feebles, and you go FAST. Also , i’m currently brakeless and the tires don’t loose tread by slowing down with your foot, it also hasn’t messed up my shoes either. I’ve went through glass a few times as well and out of the 7 times i’ve accidentally went through glass, i’ve gotten 2 flats. Also ran over a fat nail and the tires didn’t blink. Yes, they do squeak when you 180. Also i think they look cool.

The Bad:

Price is high but i 100% can tell you it’s worth EVERY single penny, you will not be disappointed. nothing bad about these tires, just remember they are directional. wait actually the only negative is that these tires run thin , my 4.45 is definitely smaller than 4.45 not to where you’ll feel too big of a difference tho.

Overall Review:

Get these tires dude, they are beasts. Try out 65-72 psi and they will feel perfect.

Light tires!

The Good:

Light, good looks

The Bad:

Seem to not grip as well as my last tires, wish they made larger options. The 2.35 looks like a 2.1 when inflated to 80psi, price

Overall Review:

I like these tires but I seem to slide out more than I used to with my last set of tires. I got the kevlar bead tires and it makes my entire ride feel so much easier to maneuver.

I would recommend them to anyone wanting light tires but the price is a bit steep...

2018 Edit: After having ridden these tires for a longer bit of time, they have broken in and become more grippy on almost every surface. I still wish they made larger options but it bothers me less than it did in the past. They are very durable and still grind better than previous tires. I have bought another set so I have some waiting when these fail.

They also perform decently on hard packed dirt.


Product Eclat Mirage Tire
Riding Type Freestyle
Bead folding kevlar bead or wire bead
Thread Count 120 tpi construction
  • 2.25"
  • 2.35"
Maximum Tire Pressure 110PSI
Wheel Size 22"
Suggested Tire Pressure (Optional)
Colors Black
Weight 1 lb 4 oz (567 g)
Price N/A
Miscellaneous Features
- High performance super lightweight street tire
- Dual compound construction
- Full length "Silkshield" layer under tread and sidewalls for added protection
- Regular wire bead or folding kevlar bead options
- High rated pressure 110 PSI
- Specially designed tire tread with a smooth centre tread for low rolling resistance and agressive sides for traction and grip
- Speical outer line for grind protection
- Made by Maxxis tires

2.25" folding bead 18oz / 510g
2.35" folding bead 19.6oz / 555g

2.25" wire bead 20oz / 566g
2.35" wire bead 21.7oz / 615g
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