Fit F.A.F. Tire (discontinued)

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Fit F.A.F. Tire 2.1_FAF_Tire
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just amazing

The Good:

super fat,super grippy,and sexy

The Bad:

none at all

Overall Review:


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Vital BMX member violent J
59133 violent J,59133/all 03/21/10 4 1

" fat as fuck "

The Good:

Extremely fast rolling ( faf stands for fast as fuck ) even the wire bead is really light. withstands about 2 million psi, well 110. very fat. bear in mind the 2.25 is actually fatter than the 2.3 becos the 2.25 has a meatier tread for more dirt orrientated riding.

The Bad:

Umm, i really cant think of much, theyr not the longest lasting tyre but god theyr grippy.

Overall Review:

Fat, fast grippy looks good, what more do u want, oh yeah, theyr light too.

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Vital BMX member Verde.
49314 Verde.,49314/all 08/14/09 3 18 6,49314/setup 267 6025 3 29 1 24


Product Fit F.A.F. Tire
Riding Type Freestyle
Bead Wire And Kevlar
Thread Count
Maximum Tire Pressure
Wheel Size
Suggested Tire Pressure (Optional)
Weight N/A
Price N/A
Miscellaneous Tested and fully backed by the pros that ride them, all Fit tires feature puncture resistant Kevlar belts and tear resistant Silkworm sidewall technology. Lightweight K models have a foldable Kevlar bead, are available in all four sizes, and come with Fitbikeco rimstrips.
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